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Noventa especialistas do Islão de diferentes países muçulmanos - Arábia Saudita, Iémen, Sudão, Bahrein, Kuwait, Líbano, entre outros - assinaram uma declaração conjunta a apoiar as revoluções populares em curso no mundo árabe que deitam abaixo as ditaduras instituídas, mas a condenar também a Democracia.
O texto acusa os ditadores árabes agora em queda de humilhar e arrastar os seus povos para a pobreza extrema; acusa-os também de corrupção política, administrativa e financeira, e de torturar prisioneiros; anuncia, por outro lado, o dealbar de uma nova era de justiça e liberdade.
Seguidamente, critica os apelos revolucionários ao estabelecimento de democracias plenas, deixando claro que o Islão é incompatível com a Democracia: advertem os noventa clérigos que o sistema democrático permite ao povo ter a última palavra nos assuntos dos seus países, o que conduz à prevalência de práticas anti-islâmicas: «nas democracias, a população pode votar em coisas que estão proibidas no Islão tais como o estabelecimento de bordéis, o que permite a homossexualidade, o consumo de álcool, a usura, a proibição da chamada para a oração, o véu islâmico.» Alternativa à Democracia é, no seu entender, a aplicação da chamada chura (consulta para a tomada de decisões nas sociedades islâmicas) apenas em temas que são sancionados no Islão, enquanto os assuntos proibidos estão fora de questão.
Os signatários exortam ainda as mulheres de Tunes a voltarem a envergar as vestimentas islâmicas, que em tempos foram proibidas pelo presidente agora deposto, Ben Ali, o qual promoveu a laicidade.
Agora falta que venham uns noventa muçulmanos alegadamente moderados dizerem que o Islão até pode ser muito democrático e tal, e que, por isso, discordam - que o afirmem preto no branco - desta declaração assinada por gente que percebe realmente o que é o Islão... e que declarou por isso que não pode haver compatibilidade entre uma cultura islâmica e uma cultura democrática, isto é, de cunho ocidental.


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British schools too scared to prevent children being sold into Islamic sex slavery
From the BBC

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pois, o cerne islamico é incompativel com o do falso oeste..uma pseudo-compatibilidade seria a superficie deles com o cerne do falso oeste (como quer o sistema) ou o cerne deles com uma ocidentalização superficial como na arabia saudita, emirados arabes e cia..

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Egyptian Children's TV Show: We Must Liberate Jerusalem from the Hands of "the Disgusting Jews"

Russia, China, Radical Islam and the Latin American Threat to US Survival

Brazilian philosopher, Olavo de Carvalho is an expert on the Latin American Left and its ties to Islam, Russia and China.In this interview, with Jeff Nyquist, de Carvahlo eloquently and forcefully states a theme I’ve long promoted on this blog – that Russia, China, Cuba, Iran radical Islam and the Latin American Left, co-ordinated by Cuba and Brazil through the Sao Paolo Forum, are working together to destroy the the United States of America.I emphasize – not to weaken, to marginalize, to impoverish – but to DESTROY the USA.It is worth noting that the Brazilian Workers Party came to power on the back of an alliance of Trotskyists, communists, black radicals, environmental activists, Christian socialists, youth activists and the poor – sound familiar America?Such alliances were promoted across the world in the early 1990s, by the Trotskyite 4th International and allied groups.Barack Obama was very much part of this movement, through his ties to Committees of Correspondence, Democratic Socialists of America and the Chicago New Party.

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Russian President Medvedev Predicts “Fires for Decades” if Islamists Come to Power in Toppled Arab Countries

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday predicted decades of instability in the Arab world if protesters whom he called fanatics come to power, adding no such scenario will be permitted at home.Medvedev’s words fall in sharp contrast with the European Union, which said in a statement on Monday that it “deplores the violence” and “repression” against the pro-democracy protesters by authorities in one of the troublespots, Libya.Speaking at a security meeting in the Caucasus city of Vladikavkaz, Medvedev didn’t name countries, but he was referring to the crisis in the Middle East and North Africa — which has brought down governments in Tunisia and Egypt and sparked protests in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Morocco and Jordan.“These states are difficult, and it is quite probable that hard times are ahead, including the arrival at power of fanatics. This will mean fires for decades and the spread of extremism,” Medvedev said in televised comments.“They have prepared such a scenario for us before, and now more than ever they will try and realize it. In any case, this scenario won’t succeed,” he said, without identifying the people he considers could threaten the Kremlin.

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Video - Obama admin spending US Tax Dollars on building Mosques and Muslim internet services

While the US taxpayer is fighting for his and her financial life and the jihad rages around the world, the US under the Obama administration is freely spending money it doesn’t have on building mosques or refurbishing them, while building up the Islamic world’s internet infrastructure. This will all be used against the West, with imams and jihadis laughing at the US taxpayer while they preach jihad and actively work to carry it out.

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Brazilian philosopher, Olavo de Carvalho

esse é ambiguo e se diz 1.0..

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Labour Wrecked UK for Votes

Since Labour came to power in 1997 they admitted 3.2 million immigrants to this very small island.

It is estimated that through inefficiency a further 1 million entered the UK illegally. of course EU citizens are allowed free entry but of this 3.2 million 80% came from outside the EU + the 1 million illegals who no doubt came from the muslim third world.

The reason for this was to increase the number of Labour voters and the secret intention was to ‘rub the Right’s noses in diversity’, in order to create a ‘multicultural’ Britain alien to the Tory party and its supporters.

"For years, opinion polls made immigration top of the list of concerns with 77% of the population.
But anyone who tried to discuss it was denounced as ‘racist’ by the liberal class, led by the BBC which, to its eternal disgrace, crushed any debate on this vital issue.

Of course, fears about migration had nothing to do with race. They were born of understandable worry that housing, schools and hospitals could not cope with the unprecedented number of arrivals.

Furthermore, they stemmed from alarm at how the jobs market was being flooded with cheap foreign labour – with 75 per cent of new jobs being taken by incomers."

"Only Labour knows why it deliberately ignored these legitimate concerns about the future of this country, while slurring as ‘bigots’ anybody who dared to voice them. Quite simply, Labour changed the make-up of this country for ever – and in clear defiance of the public will.

But, whatever the motivation, it is undeniable that Labour cynically and repeatedly lied to voters about immigration – one of the greatest acts of democratic vandalism since the war, which shattered the bond of trust between government and electorate." Daily Mail

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Qaddafi Just Ordered The Destruction Of Oil Pipelines To The Mediterranean

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Voice of America:

US Unable to Evacuate Diplomats from Libya

The United States says it has not been able to move some of its non-essential diplomats from Libya, as governments send airplanes and ships to pick up their citizens stranded by Libya's bloody unrest.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Tuesday the United States was looking at various ways to move the diplomats, their families, and other Americans out of Libya. He did not elaborate on why the U.S. could not to do so on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the safety and wellbeing of Americans is the highest U.S. priority.

Meanwhile, Britain's foreign secretary says his country has redeployed a warship closer to Libya to aid in the evacuation effort. William Hague says the Royal Navy warship HMS Cumberland has been put on standby to help Britons get home should it be needed.

The U.S., Europe, and Libya's neighbors are evacuating thousands of foreign citizens trying to flee deadly violence triggered by a Libyan uprising against longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi.

The Netherlands and France have confirmed that their planes received permission to land in the city of Tripoli, but the French news agency reports that one of France's three planes has been diverted to Malta.

Italy's ENI natural gas company says it is evacuating all non-essential staff and their families from Libya Tuesday. The Associated Press reports that ENI is Libya's largest foreign operator and takes one-third of Libya's oil and gas production.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said Tuesday Cairo is sending military and civilian aircraft to Libya to bring home some of the hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who live there. But he said the Egyptian planes would not be landing in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi -- one of the cities hit hardest by the violence -- saying airport has been destroyed.

Egyptian security sources say Cairo's new military rulers also ordered troop reinforcements to Egypt's side of the border with Libya in response to the unrest. Egyptian authorities also have extended the opening hours of the Slum border crossing with Libya and sent medical teams to the site to accommodate thousands of Egyptians fleeing by land.

Greece will evacuate as many as 15,000 Chinese nationals out of Libya this week after China asked for help. Greek officials say they are considering evacuation requests from other countries.

Turkey says it has sent several ships to the Libyan coast to pick up thousands of Turkish workers stranded in Benghazi. Many of the Turkish citizens gathered in a Benghazi stadium Tuesday to wai for the ships to arrive at the city's port.

Turkey says it has 25,000 citizens in Libya, many of them working in construction. Tunisia says more than 3,000 of its nationals already have fled Libya, mostly by land, and more are waiting to leave by air.

The Philippines said Tuesday it will help Philippine workers trying to leave Libya by paying for their flights. At least 26,000 Philippine citizens reside there. South Korea also urged its workers in Libya to return home after looters attacked several South Korean-operated construction sites.

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"e uma cultura democrática, isto é, de cunho ocidental."

Não sei onde li, mas uma vez li algo que acho que dizia que povos cujo QI médio seja abaixo de 90 pontos não são capazes de viver em Democracia (nem de possuir um país desenvolvido segundo os padrões europeus).

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Não sei onde li, mas uma vez li algo que acho que dizia que povos cujo QI médio seja abaixo de 90 pontos não são capazes de viver em Democracia (nem de possuir um país desenvolvido segundo os padrões europeus).

pois, por isso que com os residuos a europa está a virar um esgoto infra-bangladeshiano..

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