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No Reino Unido: alógeno de quinze anos viola um rapaz de cinco anos e... fica em liberdade... Primeiramente, foi-lhe imposta uma pena de três anos em reabilitação, mas disso se safou devido a minudências legais.
Fonte: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/752088/Migrant-rapist-teen-five-year-old-avoids-jail-Solicitor-General-Court-of-Appeal/amp

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Um dia estas e outras pagam-se, e com juros, quando a elite político-jurídica responsável por estas ofensas ao povo vier a ser julgada em tribunal popular.


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We are carrying out a great experiment, the fulfillment of the same recurrent dream that for ten centuries has revisited the peoples of Europe: creating between them an organization putting an end to war and guaranteeing an eternal peace. The Roman church of the Middle Ages failed finally in its attempts that were inspired by humane and human preoccupations. Another idea, that of a world empire constituted under the auspices of German emperors was less disinterested; it already relied on the unacceptable pretensions of a ‘Führertum’ (domination by dictatorship) whose 'charms' we have all experienced.

Audacious minds, such as Dante, Erasmus, Abbé de St-Pierre, Rousseau, Kant and Proudhon, had created in the abstract the framework for systems that were both ingenious and generous. The title of one of these systems became the synonym of all that is impractical: Utopia, itself a work of genius, written by Thomas More, the Chancellor of Henry VIII, King of England.

Robert Schuman

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